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Mila Bellefleur Rewiews

Free_guy (merb) 29/03/2021

Hi i saw Mila for 1 hour and woaw! My goal was to de-stress and escape, goal more than fulfilled with it you will get it right. Very friendly and 1000% consistent with the photos. Very beautiful body maintained and in addition she embarks with you sexually for a beautiful experience, during these 1 hour with her I felt elsewhere it was very pleasant.

I recommend her without hesitation

Firefox2007 (merb)20/09/2020

Today I had the chance to meet Mila and it was a great experience, The pictures were 100% accurate so if you like what you see this is what you get. She was clean, respectful, patient, intelligent, and pleasant to talk to. I met her in Montreal in a very low key and clean hotel a little east of the Olympic Park. She was absolutely gorgeous and totally my type; nice shapely ass and small firm but firm breasts. If you love your toned girl you won't be disappointed she was sweet and petite but there was no doubt that she takes her fitness and athleticism seriously. Her face is blurry or covered in most of the pictures, but guys, that's nothing to worry about. She's quite the spectator, so put that worry out of your mind. She's pretty professional and knows exactly what she's doing. Just tell her what you want from her and she will do it the best she can. When the session started, her concentration and all of her attention was on work, she did not play with her phone or seemed distracted during the session in addition to checking the time once or twice. Booking and planning was pretty easy, just follow the steps on their website and there should be no issues or confusion, The rates I found quite fair and well worth it If you are looking for a good moment I cannot recommend her enough I will definitely make another appointment with her in the future.


Vagitarian69 - 8/06/2022

First post here but where to even begin with this review...

I am currently visiting Montreal from USA and Mila's ad had caught my eye some while ago. I like to browse a provider's Twitter before making the decision to book them and after observing Mila's Twitter for some time, I decided to text her to book a date.

Mila was fairly quick to respond to my text message (I had sent over my name, age, and ethnicity and a little about myself as she requests) and she replied not too long afterwards. After sending the deposit we had a date booked for the following week.

Mila kept in touch periodically to ensure everything was still going to proceed as planned which I really appreciated. Finally the day of our meeting had arrived and Mila provided me with the address of her incall and her room number when I told her I had arrived. I found the incall to be nice and clean with all the amenities one would need and parking wasn't an issue either.

Mila opened the door wearing a VERY sexy outfit I had requested her to wear and I literally could not take my eyes off her. Pictures are accurate and shes the same girl from her Twitter/ads/website. Mila loves to work out and takes very good care of herself and that definitely shows. She is toned yet has sexy, luscious curves at the same time. She dedicates alot of time to working out yet her feminine curves are still very soft and supple and have that squish we all love and I didn't find her to be "overly firm" at all. Her skin is smooth, silky, and gorgeously bronzed, and she smells amazing. Her voice is soft and her words are sweet and she has stunning hazel/green-ish eyes that could compete with Medusa's in that they are so easy to get lost in coupled with long, straight brown hair that would give Rapunzel a run for her money. She had a fresh mani/pedi with a very pretty butterfly on one of her nails. I had booked Mila for a multi hour meeting and I do not regret my decision in the least. The only regret I have is that I didn't book Mila for longer period of time honestly. After a good while talking and getting to know eachother, Mila asked me to shower and after the shower we got down to business. Safety and preservation of health are very important to Mila so after giving me a sexy body to body massage with some lube, I was definitely ready to go and Mila gave me a truly amazing CBJ with lots of attention to the boys. I usually prefer BBBJ but Mila's CBJ was so enjoyable for me that I didn't mind one bit. She was also very receptive to DATY/DATO (because I showed her my recent tests) and tasted clean and delicious.

Beyond all the fun stuff Mila is just truly a gem of a woman. She is intelligent, open-minded, affectionate, compassionate, and observant. Shes genuine and wholeheartedly herself and I didn't get any sketchy or dishonest vibes from her at all. Not once during the meeting did I feel ignored or like her mind was elsewhere. I can't claim to be an expert by any means but I have seen my fair share of providers and one thing I can say with conviction is that Mila is a true experience to be had and I can say without even the slightest shred of a doubt or hesitance that my experience and time with Mila was one of the best I've *ever* had in my life. I am truly beyond grateful I got to spend time with her tonight and will cherish the precious moments I got to spend with her so long as there is life in me. She does not show her face, but rest assured I found her to be extremely attractive and truly gorgeous. She kind of reminded me of if Arianna Grande was a fitness girl, at least thats the vibe I got from her aesthetic haha. She oozes sensuality without even trying whilst still being classy and elegant at the same time. She really put the *GF* in GFE. If you're on the fence or are hesitating, cast any such feelings away and book with confidence.

Again, as with any experience, YMMV but if you extend respect, courtesy, kindness and are a gentleman to Mila (and follow her directions) I am confident that you will be rewarded greatly. I wish I lived in Montreal so I could be a regular of Mila's. You Montreal folks are extremely lucky to have such an awesome provider here so please be good to her!

Thank you again Mila for a night I will remember and cherish for literally the rest of my life and will surely never forget. I hope our paths cross again someday in the future!

TL;DR: Mila is a toned, fit, and curvy beauty that kind of reminds me of Arianna Grande (if she were a fitness girl) who is very passionate and sensual and gave me an unforgettable experience.


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Tigre (Merb)

Malheureusement, je n'utilise pas d'agences, seulement des indépendants, donc mon vote va
1. Meilleure agence SP 2020: N/ A
2. Meilleur Indy SP 2020: Katrina Vianna, Rubis Luxury, Mila Bellefleur
3. Meilleure recrue SP 2020 : N / A 4. Meilleure agence 2020: N / A



Unfortunately, I don't use agencies, only freelancers, so my vote goes
1. Best SP agency 2020: N / A
2. Best Indy SP 2020: Katrina Vianna, Rubis Luxury, Mila Bellefleur
3. Best recruit SP 2020: N / A 4. Best agency 2020: N / A"

Neovirtuel ( - 2/08/2020

j ai rencontrer cette dame samedi, premièrement je suis sorti de mon type de femmes que normalement je rencontre ( ebony gros seins et fesses qui va avec) faute de trouve ce type de femme en indy ou agence,je me suis dit allons voir ailleur.
les fotos semblais réel sur le site ,semblais avec un physique athlétique et brunette. Communique via txt avec bcq de question de ma part et sans probleme elle me repondais, meme si j etaits un peu sceptique.
convenue de l heures et de l endroit, petit delais du au client precedant, cela ne ma pas deranger ces quoi 15 min dans le fond.
je cogne a la porte au meme moment petite brunette en petite robe noir descend le corridor ces elle.
cute brunette et a 98% comme sur les photos bon depart
une fois dans la chambre petit bonjour et regler la facture au debut de la renconte.
elle m offre un massage et discution sur les limites mutuel , sans trop de details tout était protéger et ces parfait comme cela pour moi bj et no kissing.
mpos daty que j ais prit car trop jolie en 69 pour pas aller promener la langue dans ce coin la et un peu de dato car trop cute et propre pour passer a cote .
j ai prit mon temps sinon j aillais exploser en 5 min et je suis un one shot par heure
ce fut ma meilleure rencontre des 5 dernière années.
ces une femmes honnête et éduqué.
un corps muscle mais pas a l excès ,et une paire de fesses WOW.
je n ais pas ete payer ou eu reduction pour ecrire cela parole de scoute.
du au prix je ne pourrais pas la revoir bientôt mais je n nécessiterais pas a recommencer sans problème avec elle
corp 9/10
service pour moi 10/10 pour autres personne surement 7/10
rien a redire sur cette belle mila

I met this lady on Saturday, first I went out of my type of women that I normally meet (ebony big breasts and buttocks that goes with it) for lack of finding this type of woman in indy or agency, I said to myself let's go see elsewhere.

the photos looked real on the site, looked athletic and brunette.
communicates via txt with lots of questions from me and without problem she answered me, even if I was a little skeptical.
agreed on the time and place, small delay due to the previous customer, this did not disturb these what 15 min in the background.
I knock on the door at the same time little brunette in a little black dress goes down the corridor these her.
cute brunette and 98% like the good start photos
once in the room, good morning and pay the bill at the start of the meeting.
she offers me a massage and discussion on the mutual limits, without too many details everything was to protect and these perfect like that for me bj and no kissing.
mpos daty that I took because too pretty in 69 not to walk the tongue in this corner and a little dato because too cute and clean to miss.
I took my time otherwise I was going to explode in 5 minutes and I am one shot per hour.

it was my best meeting of the last 5 years. These an honest and educated women.

a muscular body but not to the excess, and a pair of buttocks WOW. I wasn’t paid or discounted to write this scout word. due to the price I could not see her again soon but I would not need to start over without problem with her

corp 9/10
service for me 10/10 for other person surely 7/10

nothing to say about this beautiful mila

pichesim ( - 9/01/2023


I drove a couple of hours up from NY to Montreal after looking at Mila's ad. My my deposit, but i was still hesitant because the pics were so good to be true. As soon as i got to the incall place. As she opened the door, i was just amazed. Mila is the same girl as her ad. She has a body of goddess. On top of this, i was blown away by the service. She made me feel comfortable. Then we kissed and made it to the bed, put lube on herself, and massaged me with her body. Then she proceeded to BJ, and the session. I can't express enough. She has the best hygiene, takes care of her skin and body so well. It just felt like a dream. I would definitely recommend her, and i would definitely go back to see her. She was worth every mile i drove and each dollar i spent.

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