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Everything you could need to know

I want our time together to be special.  Following a few simple steps will make your experience even better Please use my Booking form to request time with me.  Make sure to answer all of the questions and be sure to tell me a little about yourself.  A well written intro is the best way to ensure a response.  I want to make sure we have some chemistry and you'll provide me with the same respect that I provide you.  Same day engagements are not all the time accepted and have extra fees.  I like to plan my engagements and as much notice as possible is highly recommended.

The balance should be paid in cash in a discreet blank envelope upon arrive.  I don't want to take away from our time together by asking for it.

If you come from US and you forgot to exchange your USD in CAD, i will ask you to pay the same price in USD. For exemple: 500$ CAD -> 500$ US

Rates: My rates are non-negotiable so please don't ask.


Hygiene is of utmost importance to me.  I go to great lengths to make sure my hygiene is impeccable for you.  All that I ask of you is to be freshly showered when we meet.


No photography or videography is permitted at any time during our meeting

Deposit is mandatory to verify you're serious ans secure our date at the good time. 

if you cancel at last minute, your deposit is loose. If you give me a good notice to cancel, your deposit will be keep for a new date.

Forms of paiement: I currently accept Paypal, etransfert interact (Canadians only), Uber gift card for the deposit and only Cash when we we meet. [Cash App, Venmo doesn't exist in Canada]

Deposits & Cancellations

A cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee especially if you want to book again. No-shows require a fee of the entire contribution.

Any FMTY bookings require a 50% deposit so that I’m able to book my travel and prepare.


My preferences: Particular attraction for Role-playing games (domination and submission), especially fetishists! DM ME FOR SPECIFIC REQUESTS

WHAT HAPPENS DURING A SESSION? - a shower will be requested upon arrival - You don't need to bring anything in particular except what you want. - If we finish our date early, don't hesitate to ask me for a massage, I'm good at that!


For my suitor who would like to go the extra mile.

this is for you...

click on my wishlist to see some idea

I find that gold and diamant compliment me best.

there some idea of gift on my wishlist.

My favourite brands are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel. Be the one to gift me my first Hermes. I can think of fun ways to reward such generosity.

Favourite brand for:

clothes: Ootdfash

sport clothes: bombshellsportwear, gymshark, boandtee

Gifts aren’t expected but are highly appreciated. May I reciprocate your kindness when we meet.

MY favourite is definitly ootdfash 😍😍

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