Age: 22
Size: 5'3
Weight: 125lbs
Measurements: hips: 92cm; bust: 84cm; waistline 64
Brown hair
Green eyes
Origin: French, Spanish
Main language: French
Secondary language: English
Tattoo: 1 discrete

Dress Size: Small / 32B Natural
Shoe: EU 38

Film: Action, Comedy, Thriller, Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Music: Most of it
Food: Asian (Chinese, Thai), French cuisines
I love meat (chicken, beef, lamb)
Wine: Porto (Cabral), red wine (bordeaux), gewurztraminer
Activities: Grand Adventures


Bonjour! Je suis Mila! (100% naturelle)

Je suis une compagne basée à Montréal. Je peux tourner au Canada et aux États-Unis. J'étudie en nutrition et profite de la vie d'escorte à temps partiel.

Idées de rendez-vous: ski, balade sur le bord du fleuve Saint-Laurent, rendez-vous shopping, une journée au spa, week-end à New York, menu de dégustation dans un restaurant étoilé, un dîner au Grinder, câlins et regarder des films toute la nuit ou en faire! loll

To contact me: on my website’s Contact Form or by TEXT ONLY (NO calls) to (514) 587 2116 including all the same Contact Form’s information.

SnapChat: (online services only)





I absolutely adore what I do. I love the magic that happens when meeting someone for the first time as well as the delight of the unique closeness that develops with long term clients. Sometimes this comes from instantly clicking and sometimes I find I have so much in common with someone whom I never would have had the chance to interact with in day to day life. These surprises are what fuel my passion for this profession. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, getting to know your personal circumstances and being able to provide the companionship you need. My main requirement of you is that you are respectful and polite. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I have improved your day and left you with a bounce in your step that will extend for weeks to come.



I approach every client as individually as I hope to be treated by you. You have your own unique needs and desires and I am here to go through this process with you. I sometimes notice that individuals come to me and are a bit wound up or weary from their daily life. Whether due to work or personal stressors, life is simply overwhelming at times. It brings me great joy to see you leave our interaction feeling a little bit lighter and rejuvenated to continue with your day. This is when I know for certain that our time together has been a success.


I am based in Montréal, QC Canada. I have a loyal client base and a wealth of experience in the companionship world. I am a known for being reliable, trustworthy, compassionate and down to earth.